We are so schooled in separateness. Wired, the scholars say, to see first our differences, though 99 percent of our DNA is the same. What if we begin to see the world differently, not me/us/mine vs. those others—but all of us? Might this lead to questions like “What is it like to be you?” instead […]

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There’s definitely a change in the colour of the foliage of trees and plants this week. I noticed it in the maple trees first — not any obvious reds or yellows yet — just a bit of a shift from the brights of summer to more muted greens. I also noticed a yellowing of the tomato […]

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I work in a cube farm. We grow boredom here! And we’re very fucking good at growing boredom. We’re like the heartland of boredom. The breadbasket of boredom. The Great Plains States of boredom. This cube farm is pretty vacant. In an area where there are 18 cubes, only about 8 of them are currently […]

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It makes it so much easier to find a scene to sketch when the lights and darks are clearly defined. Today this fallen fence seemed interesting because of the sunlit wooden slats against the dark tree and wheelbarrow. With the fence down, the wheelbarrow — situated in a dark corner of the yard — gets much more light […]

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As you raise your head
Watching the years countless as the stars,
You always gaze at the same sky,
Your roots grow deeper and deeper into the same ground.
Have you ever wanted
To travel elsewhere
To see another sky
To step into another land
If you have any choices?
Is there a yearning for moving
Scattering in the gaps in sound
As the wind shivers amongst your leaves?

Or being a time traveler,
Do you move more in stasis?
Do you perceive more,
Knowing more things we can’t learn while shuffling around?
So you’re unwilling to exchange your time with space.
At a snail’s gallop,
You simply approach the sky where birds have been flittering.
At a snail’s pace,
You simply grasp the soil where numerous lives have decayed.